Monday, February 27, 2006

Drake Denson

Boy, I'm on a roll. I was watching Sin City last night with my roomates and just started letting the sketches fly. The film noir style has been the topic of conversation here in the film school as of late. I saw a few freshman films trying to emulate that style at this terms screening, and now my roomates want to make a film of their own to show the youngins how its done. They also want one of the main characters to be a muppet which I think has a lot of potential to be fun. As an animator I think operating a puppet would be hella fun.

Rough Cut

View this clip on Vimeo

You need Quicktime 7 to view this file, but this is the rough cut for R.I.T.'s winter trimester screening. There is still quite a bit of animation to be tweaked to really bring out the performance in the characters, and the colors and textures and lights need to be added as well. But hopefully the story comes across clear. Any feedback is appreciated.


I sat myself down and forced myself to draw things that had volume. That is one thing that my drawings have been lacking. I'm not sure where this guy came from but I'm pretty pleased with him. Color is not my forte so I was just trying to use interesting colors that weren't skin tones. Any feedback on if that works would be helpful, or what it needs.