Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas with the Muppets

I don't understand how there can be any Scrooges around Chirstmas time. Whatever happened to this attitude?

I grew up with John Denver and the Muppets around Christams time. We had the LP "A Christmas Together" and we wore it out until almost ever song skips at the same exact moment each time they are played. I miss Jim Henson. Although the Muppets never stopped being entertaining and funny, I think that much of the sentimental side of them got pushed to the background. Every time I hear Kermit sing a sentimental song I am moved. Jim Henson had such an awesome vision of what the world could be. That is what Christmas means to me.

So here's to the lovers and the dreamers.

Figure Drawing - colored

Monday, December 10, 2007

Figure Drawing -12/08/07

Loosening up...
All three models we've had since we started going to the sessions have been stellar.
Back at RIT it was hard to find decent models. The males were usually decently built but did very strange poses, and the women usually did not have much of a figure. It's great to be able to see the form while I'm drawing the poses.
Blue pencil treated me pretty well that day. I believe animators use them because they are magic. I want to go over some of these to darken them up or maybe try to color them.

More 20 minute variations.

Sometimes just scribbling is the way to go

Figure Drawing -12/01/07

Warming up...
Lisa did short poses incorporating her taking off her clothes. It was a good opportunity to get some balancing poses as well as gesture in some cloth.

She had some really dynamic poses

Me and the brush pen are not friends yet.
I really liked her hairClothing props

Twenty minute poses are way too long for me. I'm not interested in getting fine detail, I'm more interested in getting good weight, good gestures, and good caricature of anatomy. Instead of focusing on detail during a 10 or 20 min pose I like to do as many variations as I can with different medium.

I think the watercolor gesture drawings come out the best. I should use that feeling and get a more refined drawing off of that paint blob.

Figure Drawing -11/17/07

I was hesitant to post these because it was my first figure drawing class since junior year of college (3 years ago), but after 3 sessions I have seen improvement so I wanted to post something to compare. Warming up...
I've really been able to loosen up and experiment now that there is no collegiate pressure. I'm less concerned with making a technically perfect drawing, I like to push the poses. Trial and error.

I really need practice with hands.

She had such good poses