Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Apartment

So this is the livingroom. Most of the stuff in here was bought very cheap off of What wasn't bought there was probably purchased at the IKEA down the street.

The other angle of the room.

The office area. Complete with Brittney's gianormous desk, custom built light table (courtesy of my brother Matt).

Homemade painting by established artist Brittney Lee.

Not sure why these pictures turned up sideways. This is the bathroom attatched to the livingroom. Very surfer themed. I'm going to take a short drive south to warmer waters to learn.

I did that painting on the shelf in highschool. Its not for sale.

My favorite room....the kitchen. I painted that sign on the wall. It's a saying my manager at
Eat n Park used to tell me all time...."Never trust a skinny cook".

A different look at the kitchen. The one plant we got that we haven't killed. Oh look! Brittney is making a cameo!

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