Sunday, January 13, 2008

Figure Drawing -01/12/08


Artyfax said...

reminds me of the time I used to go to life classes as a "student". Always enjoyed the immediacy of having to do several sketches in an evening.

Yours are very lively and display an understanding of the human form.

these days I am more likely to be doing abstracts or landscapes or even sticking bits of paper down. Aaahhh happy days!

Davipalooza said...

In regards to you other comment, I hope you do set some time aside to get back into 'proper' drawing. I by no means try to reproduce every realistic detail, thats what cameras are for, but I do just try to rely on instincts and capture the essence of the pose. I use a unibal pen which is very unforgiving once you lay it on the paper. It forces you to commit to what you have drawn.

SikArtist said...

Great work you get here. I especially love your figure drawing and agree 100% with what you wrote. I too on occasions like to pull out the pen, typically I'll use a brush pen to get some quick poses down, although lately I've gone back to using the pencil. I'll have to break out the pen again soon.