Tuesday, June 17, 2008

One of my pet peeves.......

Things that look like diced chicken but in fact are not:

I'm lookin at you Tofu
and Artichoke Hearts

Want to get me upset? Make a dish that has these items prepared in a way to look like I am piling my plate full of yummy chicken. Then I'll go to take a bite, have that strange moment in my mouth where my brain is saying yum chicken but my tongue is saying, "nah bro, its bogus" and in that fight the food temporarily tastes like air. That'll make me hulk out.

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David Colman said...

thanx for stopping by...cant really comment on your food post...but interesting..

Hey,ya know quite a few people have that same problem w/the feed///// Only thing I can think of is that I used some of Kelsey's HTML code for his banner then I changed it to reflect mine.....but not his address... so dont know why..I am no cpu guy....any suggestions?