Saturday, September 20, 2008

Being Nostalgic

While digging around in our one closet trying to find things to throw away, I came across an old notebook that I've had since some time in 8th grade. I used this notebook as my creative outlet. I took it with me where ever I went writing poems, songs, stories and sketches. I used this throughout high school as well. Reading through it just makes me laugh out loud. I took myself so seriously back then. My outlook on life was a lot darker than I remember. Most of my poems/songs focused on this next little ditty titled..."Untitled". I thought it was artistic to be dark and ambiguous, so I guess titling something "Untitled" (as opposed to it being untitled) wass really clever of me. Oh well it made it easy to scan since the default naming convention of my scanner is "Untitled.jpg". I guess my scanner is pretty artistic as well.

That poem was actually written as a song, but back then my song writing skills consisted of me blatently stealing chord progressions (or sometimes melodies) from my favorite songs of the time and putting my own lyrics to it. "Untitled" was written to the tune of the bridge in Dave Matthews "Satalite" (the part that goes "rest high above the clouds, no restrictions..")

Here is some of the art I created back then. I also listened to way too much Phish around this time, because my art was puposefully as nonsensical as possible, much like Phish's album covers.
It looks as though my love for produce with faces has lasted through out the years.

There were a few good poems in the mix. They tended to be the ones that were not about 'love' and more about experiences that I could actually comprehend. One of my favorites that I turned into a song (stealing a chord progression my brother Matt wrote) is called "Dancing In the Rain". Some day I'll rewrite it with original music behind it.

Finally my favorite poem from my notebook is called "Under the Water". I couldn't scan it because it went across multiple pages but it goes something like this...The rush of the water against me is cool,
As I dive into the pool.
I let myself sink down to the depths,
And with a big SIGH I let out my breath.
How neat it would be to stay down there,
My life sustained without any air.
I solemnly hover, looking around.
A tranquil mood without any sound,
but the low rumble of water deep in my ear.
Other than that no noise do I hear.
The blood in my veins steadies its flow
As the beat of my heart begins to slow.
I close my eyes and rest my soul.
The only place where I feel whole.
I enjoy the serenity
Of the water flowing 'round me.
My eyes pop open suddenly
As I'm brought to reality.
The swelling pain within my chest
Reminds me that I need a breath.
The silence is broken as I swim toward the air.
The pain in my lungs I cannot bare.
My body is struggling my heart wants to stop.

With my last ounce of strength I kick to the top.
I burst through the surface with a frantic splash,
And feeling relieved to have air...

..................I GASP....................
How neat it would be to stay down there. My life sustained without any air.

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Sarah said...

1. You HAVE to make something about produce with faces....I don't think that you could ever go wrong with that.
2. For Noah's birthday, I'm going to make you a big plate of potato chowder. (yeah, I don't always read your site so I'm behind.)
3. that's all. I just needed to put a three because I think that when you list things you should have at least three things in your list....although it goes against my sets of four for my OCD.....
4. Now I had to do it because it would have bugged me...later!