Thursday, September 29, 2011

Eating Salad for Breakfast

If you are anything like me, you have a hard time getting vegetables in your diet. I buy lots of them with the intention to eat them all, but I end up throwing most of them out the next week because they turn. I think I've found a solution that works for me, maybe it could work for you.

Two weeks ago I finished reading "Born To Run" by Christopher McDougall. The Author who suffered injuries every time he tried to run more than a few miles set out to learn if humans were, as his doctors said, fragile and not built for running, or if we are actually the best long distance runners and our expensive sneakers and our tendency to be obese has just made us bad at it. I'm sure you can tell from the title, what he discovers. In one of the chapters, the author mentions how he is trying to change his diet to train for a 100 mile ultra-marathon. He has concerns about tiring of seeds and vegetables and falling back into his usual routine of hamburgers, when the Dr./Athlete he is talking to says, "Have you ever had salad for breakfast?"
"You get leafy greens in your body first thing in the morning and you'll lose a lot of weight," she urged me. Because a monster salad is loaded with nutrient-rich carbs and low in fat, I could Stuff myself and not feel hungry--or queasy--when it came time to work out. Plus, greens are packed with water, so they're great for rehydrate after a night's sleep. And what better way to down your five vegetables a day than forking them all down at once.?"
So I tried it and have been doing it for two weeks now; the longest I have been able to do any sort of dietary change. The problem for has always been: I never crave vegetables throughout the day, and given the choice I will fill up on pasta and meat and leave the side salad sitting. When I wake up, I am always thirsty and my stomach is hungry but at the same time not ready to handle food. Eating salad for me takes care of that hunger, and like the McDougall said you won't feel queasy, even if you workout right after eating.

So that certainly isn't the normal kind of blog post for me, but I wanted to share that in case you have the same trouble forcing down your veggies in the hopes that maybe it could work for you too. Besides if you eat all your veggies first thing in the morning, the sooner you can have your dessert.


MerrySunshinePgh said...
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MerrySunshinePgh said...

I have been eating a spinach salad every morning and I am not at all hungry like I normally would when eating the traditional American breakfast.

I buy a small bag of baby spinach from the grocery store and keep it in the refrigerator at work until the end of the week. In the morning, I stop by Subway Restaurant and order a $3.00breakfast sandwich non-tosted (which consist of meat egg and cheese) and ask the server to fill the sandwich with my choice of vegetables. Once I am at work, I throw away the bread and toss the filling from the sandwich onto a bed of baby spinach. I cut the spinach, meat, cheese, vegetables on a plate, and pop in the microwave for only 30 seconds. Microwaving it longer makes the spinach to mushy). This is a very filling, delicious, low carb breakfast.

Your stomach is very full and I've noticed the salads has a digestive cleansing effect. I feel healthier and my sugar and junk food cravings have lessen.

This was the best health discovery I've found. PS: People at work thinks this is a bit odd, but they are eating bowls of cereal, bagles, and are still hungry. One co-worker started eating is veggies and his protein in the morning and told me that it also keeps him full.

cartoongirl said...

I'm going to have to try that. I lack energy in the morning so maybe that would help. It's worth a try anyway. Thanks for the tip.

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