Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Ancient Book of Myth and War

Britt and I went to the Nucleus art gallery in L.A. the other weekend to see the art from Ancient Book of Myth and War. It was a really neat event. We got to meet the authors (Nate Wragg, Lou Romano, Don Shank and Scott Morse) the opening night, get the book signed mingle with some other great people and have a few drinks. The next day we went to a workshop to watch the authors paint. It was a cool chance to see how each one of them likes to work. There are pictures at the Nucleus webiste of the event. We made it into one picture.

The man we are talking to is John Musker. This is the second time we've bumped into him. It is just so cool to talk to one of the guys who made some of my favorite animated movies of all time. He is such a nice guy.

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