Monday, April 02, 2007

New location

Crystal Dynamics has merged with Eidos in a new location in Redwood City. We are on the same campus as PDI now which is sort of cool. So the move to the new building was pretty smooth. No huge problems. I.T. did a great job getting everything set up. The place is really nice. I miss Menlo Park though. The new place is way to neat and perfect. Its neatness sort of gives me the urge t0 mess things up. Ya know...ruffle up some grass here and there.The nice courtyards outside of our building. Cute little fountains and perfectly trimmed grass. They certainly discourage loungers who might ruin the art of their architecture by not putting benches anywhere and planting razor sharp grass so you won't want to sit on it.

Our new building.
All cubed out.
Part of my new cube. I need some more books to fill up my shelf.
Another angle. I was going for a blurry sort of look with this picture.
The full view of the cube.

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