Saturday, June 09, 2007

A's vs. Red Soxs

Wed. night we went to see the A's take on the Red Soxs at the Coliseum in Oakland. It was a good time. I'm not very passionate about baseball, but looking around at all the super fans sitting around us it made me wish that I did care that much about a baseball team. There was a comradery between all of the drunkards as they cheered on their team and high fived each other as if they themselves made the triple play. I'll admit, even though I wasn't routing one way or another, I did sneak in a few high fives with some of my seat neighbors now and then...just so I wasn't left out. It happened to be that this game was the evening after Joe here went to Meez for an interview. He had to do an animation test in 3dsmax. Little did he know that this interview went better than he thought because they offered him a job on Friday!

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