Monday, December 03, 2007

Problems with blogging your images?

I'm sure some of you noticed in your last couple posts, that any image you blog now tries to download the file when clicking on the thumbnail instead of opening the larger version of that image in your browser. I'm not sure if blogger is aware of this but I looked through the new image code and found the following:

Before your thumbnail image would be sourcing from something like:

and linking to:

Now what your thumbnail links to is something like:

notice the difference in parent directory and the difference between s1600-h and s1600-R.
So what you need to do to get it back to the normal way is this:
In your 'edit html' tab of your blog post find the link following "src=" This will give you the proper parent directory (the letters/numbers just before "/s400"). Use this path in the link following "href=". Finally make sure you replace the s1600-R with s1600-h. Save and publish.

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Steve said...

ha, awesome... i was wondering why blogger started doing that.

checked out a few of your videos, they're amazing bro! it appears life has been treating you well. keep up the good work and good luck out there in cali.